a little bit smutty


July 2018

we are who we are

I feel like I could write a thousand poems to you and you wouldn't care would you? You're there with your perfect life and your perfect wife and the gifted kids and the really fucking cute dog and I hate... Continue Reading →

so awkward

doing that dumb thing again drinking alone with all my friends waiting for you to drop by and just break my heart think I let it show too much how I think you're beautiful and such now I'm drinking just... Continue Reading →


I’m so jealous of you it’s not the way that you move it’s the things in your mind all the ways that you find to say what you feel to emote and reveal all the layers of you and the... Continue Reading →

thinking about you

you know that I’ve been riding these skies thinking about that look in your eyes feeling I’ve been away too long keep listening to our favourite song that lyric you love it makes you go weak is it any wonder... Continue Reading →


current mood: broken got no direction lost sensation wishing I was... elsewhere someone else some place else maybe there I might... be current mood: gone

pillow talk

Part 35 Quinn’s mouth hovered an inch away from Delaney’s, and she would have wondered if he was really into her except the hard length of his cock that was pressed into her stomach said he was. “Kelly? Is everything... Continue Reading →

One Night @ 112

Part 34 “Fucking planes,” Quinn swore as their driver closed the door of the limousine at the airport. “Fucking customs,” he added as he checked his phone again. “It’s not even seven,” Dane soothed as he checked his own. “Art... Continue Reading →

no defences

I've got no defences when it comes to you and I kind of hate you kind of love you but really want you too know that I kind of love you kind of hate you and you're just too good... Continue Reading →

lost in you

baby can you feel me I've been waiting all night long hoping for this moment you know this can't be wrong I'm feeling kind of lost kind of wasted without you stranded and alone and I don't know what to... Continue Reading →

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