a little bit smutty




I'm playing that song on repeat. The one that makes me think of you. I remember the good times, laugh at the bad. And I'm wondering where we went wrong. I can't even recall the last time we spoke. I... Continue Reading →

summer dreams

sand dunes eighties tunes dreaming of an endless summer boys and cars clubs and bars remembering when we were so much younger shell collection sun reflection Indian Ocean fairy floss sky starlit night our last fight wishing that we never... Continue Reading →

in shadows

are you standing on the edge of darkness bathed by the light wondering if I am standing on the edge of the light cloaked in darkness wishing for a world between where we can dwell in shadows

me and you

remember when we thought we had it all we were young and beautiful thought we could rule the world years slipped by like rain on the window glass we were flying in economy now we're relaxing in first class all... Continue Reading →


feels like Vancouver baby when I lost my mind with the sky falling down only you I could find was the one with the stars streaked through your hair with that luminous smile and that tangible stare can't ever forget... Continue Reading →


I am nothing just a collection of atoms vibrating the spaces between voids you once filled with your energy so effortless in your existence while I twisted and turned yearned to be more (like you) but now without you I... Continue Reading →


This low key filthy beautiful love song has been on repeat while I wrote today... I told you something safe Something I’ve never said before And I, I, I, can’t keep my hands off you While you lie in... Continue Reading →


you sent a postcard I couldn’t read it think you wrote it in Japanese? now I’m staring at the picture trying to figure you out what’s the message what were you thinking were you high? been out drinking your fucking... Continue Reading →

we are who we are

I feel like I could write a thousand poems to you and you wouldn't care would you? You're there with your perfect life and your perfect wife and the gifted kids and the really fucking cute dog and I hate... Continue Reading →

so awkward

doing that dumb thing again drinking alone with all my friends waiting for you to drop by and just break my heart think I let it show too much how I think you're beautiful and such now I'm drinking just... Continue Reading →

thinking about you

you know that I’ve been riding these skies thinking about that look in your eyes feeling I’ve been away too long keep listening to our favourite song that lyric you love it makes you go weak is it any wonder... Continue Reading →


current mood: broken got no direction lost sensation wishing I was... elsewhere someone else some place else maybe there I might... be current mood: gone

pillow talk

Part 35 Quinn’s mouth hovered an inch away from Delaney’s, and she would have wondered if he was really into her except the hard length of his cock that was pressed into her stomach said he was. “Kelly? Is everything... Continue Reading →

One Night @ 112

Part 34 “Fucking planes,” Quinn swore as their driver closed the door of the limousine at the airport. “Fucking customs,” he added as he checked his phone again. “It’s not even seven,” Dane soothed as he checked his own. “Art... Continue Reading →

no defences

I've got no defences when it comes to you and I kind of hate you kind of love you but really want you too know that I kind of love you kind of hate you and you're just too good... Continue Reading →

lost in you

baby can you feel me I've been waiting all night long hoping for this moment you know this can't be wrong I'm feeling kind of lost kind of wasted without you stranded and alone and I don't know what to... Continue Reading →

Date Night Doubts

Part 33 “What do you think?” Delaney held the dress up for a few seconds then threw it on the bed with the rest of her limited wardrobe. “I think I’m still annoyed that you didn’t tell me earlier,” Brett... Continue Reading →

twilight dreaming

twilight dreaming leaves me reeling thinking thoughts I shouldn't entertain it's me and you again playing the usual games you tie me up I'll take you down midnight hovers we're under the covers tasting the sweat that's on your skin... Continue Reading →

The Truth Is…

Part 32 Three days after his sister’s wedding Quinn was blissfully alone in the hotel room he was sharing with Dane, and he used the quiet moment to look at the message Laney had sent hours after they had last... Continue Reading →

Baby I

Baby I Can't live without your touch Anything you want It will never be too much Sinking in To your arms your heart your kiss Take it all There's not a moment I want to miss Because Baby I Need... Continue Reading →

sweet truths

I wont miss you when you're gone We can never ever be just friends It's all over dusted done You know I can't pretend I still care You wont really understand Say I didn't even know you anyway Tell your... Continue Reading →

The Name Game

Part 31 Not for the first time Dane grabbed for the hand on his ass and moved it back to his waist. “Oh you spoil all my fun,” Harper protested with a pout but left it there. For now. “Ah... Continue Reading →

Shut Up And Dance

Part 30 Laney watched Quinn and Dane arrive from the relative privacy of a booth and from that same vantage point she watched Harper drag Dane onto the dance floor while Quinn stayed talking to Zander. She’d only met the... Continue Reading →

nocturnal muse

nocturnal muse sing me a lullaby I can't take any more I don't want to cry just make me forget all the lies and the pain help me believe in true love again nocturnal muse wont you hold my soul... Continue Reading →

A Night To Forget Part 2

Part 29 “Laney! Fuck!” Quinn pulled his phone from his ear and went to hit the call button. “Don’t be an idiot,” Dane said and plucked it from his hand. “I need to call her back,” Quinn insisted and made... Continue Reading →

A Night To Forget

Part 28 “Max looked amazing and Mitch was so handsome, wasn’t he? And the food was amazing and the cake-” “Was delicious! We heard you the first fucking time Harper. Does she always talk this much?” Delaney demanded of Brett... Continue Reading →

love you

I couldn't love you any less But please don't put that to the test You know I get a little shaky When you do that thing you do When they finally play that song You've been waiting for so long... Continue Reading →

a day to remember part 2

Part 27 Quinn stood behind a curtained off area with the wedding party his bandmates and his parents. Kerry and Siobhan were cooing over Tommy and Sandra’s baby while Max was edging away from the giggling cherub, a look of... Continue Reading →

a day to remember

Part 26 “Someone get the phone!” Max pointed at the ringing device then turned away to continue the conversation on her cell. “Got it,” Shawn called out and picked it up. “Welcome to the The Void, what’s your pleasure?” “Can... Continue Reading →

Just A Crush

Part 25 “You know it’s ridiculous right?” “How good looking I am? I know, it’s a hard life,” Dane mocked as he glanced at Quinn who was focused on the game on the screen in their hotel room. Quinn huffed... Continue Reading →

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